Assessing and Enhancing Corporate Culture and People’s Engagement


MGR Human Resources proposes an alternative offering to costly cultural audits, which is research driven and provides empirical validation through our research associate TOPRCI’s Organisational Effectiveness Survey (OES).

We can help you with your individual needs:

  • Provision of advanced statistical and modelling techniques, that isolate eight (8) complementary cultural characteristics found to affect organisational performance. Namely:
    • Knowledge Management
    • Quality driven culture
    • Technology driven culture
    • Support for creativity
    • Open communication
    • Respect
    • Integrity
    • Change driven culture
  • The Organisational Effectiveness Survey (OES) will allow you
    • to diagnose whether you are a High Performance Organisation (HPO), and if needed,
    • Introduce with MGR’s help, culture management and transformational initiatives based on predictive data and analytics
      • Develop and implement action plans
      • Directly target the areas needing improvement/change
    • Keep the generated data as a benchmark for future reference and comparison
  • Conduct independent Employee Engagement Surveys via our electronic platform, completely anonymous and in a confidential manner.

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