Managing Individual Performance and Measuring Management Effectiveness


MGR Human Resources is able to determine management effectiveness levels and capabilities of key people, as well as provide a performance management tool for assessing staff performance and setting objectives.

We can help you with your individual needs:

  • Design and implementation of a performance management system for all staff, including qualitative and quantitative objectives.
  • Assess management effectiveness via 360◦ Feedback appraisals from subordinates and fellow managers, via our electronic platform, completely anonymous and in a confidential manner. Graphical representation of results is provided.
    • Discuss with each manager their 360 Management Effectiveness online survey individual results to ensure their understanding, self-awareness and their engagement towards the implementation of the organization’s ambition and objectives
  • Assessment and Development centres/Challenge days
    • Aim to identify required skills and competencies such as Strategic Thinking, Organization and Planning, Leadership Qualities, Communication and Influence, People Management, amongst other.

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