UpAGear Team Performance Improvement

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MGR in partnership with MPI Learning (UK) offers our clients, UpAGear, the leading methodology for transforming teams. UpAGear program provides organisations with insight as to why team performance may not be optimal, an opportunity to gain a better understanding of their team and unlock their true potential, and ultimately managing to perform to international standards. Your team can benefit from a successful performance improvement methodology and by having professional team coaching on a consistent basis.

We can help you with your individual needs:

We work with your most important human assets and teams on the forefront of your business, in a business-focussed way and with a structured process, to ensure they deliver your corporate objectives while also delivering your vision for the future. UpAGear has transformed team performance at reputable organisations in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

  • Research and feedback – Preparation & meet the team
  • Launch workshop – Framework 4 Action, create the plan
  • Monthly reviews – UOnline & Team Development.
  • By utilising UpAGear’s UOnline system software, a consistent focus is achieved on the spotlighted areas that are key to breakthroughs and success. This has the powerfully galvanizing effect of encouraging the team to communicate, share resource, and collaborate.

Online Team Assessment & Consultation

Start your journey towards becoming a high-performing team. We are offering a Complimentary Assessment and Consultation. It is a 3-step process.
Complete the online Team Assessment, one of our Team Coaches & Consultants will review your Assessment and produce a Summary Report.
We then arrange a short call to discuss the Report with you and offer our advice.